Swim Experience Swim Groups are for those swimmers who are not yet interested or ready to take on year-round swimming offering highly experienced coaching, less stringent attendance policies and smaller practice sizes.  

Our stroke clinics give the extra instruction needed to get a new season started off on the right foot.  

Team Fit: Stay fit all winter long!

New Sessions will begin again in the fall of 2016!

  • Each session runs for 6 weeks and all practices are held at TMI: The Episcopal School of Texas.

  • Please note, this is NOT a year round USA sanctioned swim team.  Practices are offered to provide an alternative and/or an introduction to the year-round swimming world.  Many of our summer league and swim group participants have gone on to swim for the San Antonio club teams!
  • Practices will run Monday and/or Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm.  You may choose one or both days. 
  • This season we are organizing a few NON_USA SWIMMING SANCTIONED swim meets at TMI.  Please stay tuned for that schedule. 
  • Communication for all Swim Groups is done via the Team App!  Go to www.teamapp.com and type in "swim experience swim groups" in the FIND A TEAM APP box.  Click on the blue striped shield and request access to the app.  Once accepted you will receive reminders, cancellations notifications and email communication for all things concerning the groups!

  • COST PER SESSION: $75 per swimmer for ONE DAY PER WEEK.  $135 per swimmer for TWO DAYS PER WEEK.  Please talk to Coach Stephanie about family discounts.  Drop-in participants will only be allowed IF space allows.  Please email swimexperience@gmail.com if you have any questions.  

Payment for Session I can be made at the pool by check (Stephanie Barnes or Swim Experience), cash or credit card.  PayPal accepted as well.

Session I: 6 weeks September 19 - October 26

Session II: 6 weeks October 31 - December 14 ( NO SWIM NOV 21/23 due to Thanksgiving Break)

Session III: 6 weeks January - February 22 ( NO SWIM JAN 23/25 & FEB 6/8 due to HS Swim Schedule)

*If you are unable to attend your planned practice you may make it up on an alternative day, but missed practices will not be held over into the next session

Spring Stroke Clinics: Starting April 2017!

You can attend one or all of the Spring Stroke Clinics.  EACH CLINIC IS $15 and payment will be accepted via PayPal OR at the door IN CASH OR CHECK.  Those that REGISTER ahead of time will be accepted before those that do not.  Limit of 36 per class.  

Summer Prep Clinics: Starting May 2017!

You can attend one or all of the Summer Prep Clinics.  EACH CLINIC IS $15 and payment will be accepted via PayPal OR at the door IN CASH OR CHECK.  Those that REGISTER ahead of time will be accept before anyone those that do not.  Limit of 30 per class.  


Summer Swim Groups: Details, details, details!

You must be a part of the Swim Experience Family to be invited to the Summer Swim Groups. 

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Both our boys began swimming with Coach Barnes last year (2015) in the swim experience group. We are new to swimming, both boys only having participated one season with a neighborhood summer league. Our 13 year-old decided he wanted to prepare for high school swim team tryouts the following year, so we needed another place for him to be coached in the water since he does not swim club. These swim groups with Coach Barnes, along with swimming again for our neighborhood in the summer, gave him the tools he needed to swim his best at tryouts. The kick sets she works with them on really paid off. He made the high school team! She is no-nonsense and down-to-earth. Our kids love her!
— ...Jen & Matt Lasater
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