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Snorkelling, Into Scuba Diving or Just Learning To Swim

We have all the useful information that you need to get started. If you want to take the plunge into the ocean we have a host of helpful information for beginner snorkelling, beginner scuba diving and various water safety guides for jetski’s, parasailing and more.

Our guides will help you improve your technical skills in the water, under the water or floating and hovering above water. Swim Experience Inc was created by experienced swim Coach Stephanie Barnes

The company started in 1999 working with popular summer league team the San Antonio Splash!. Now we have taken a more informative approach to helping people online, meaning the website has since changed into a more informational content hub than an actual swimming lessons and coaching program. We want you to be more confident while in the water no matter what you are doing. Typical customers here are water hobby enthusiasts and people looking to develop their own skills with water sports being competitive or casually.

You will find training and information that helps you become a lifeguard (US Focused Training), Obey safe behaviour on the open waters, Swim, snorkel, scuba dive and some other water hobbies. Looking for some help with a certain type of water sport or hobby? reach out and we can help create some guides that will help our valued readers.

Looking for water accessories, water sports accessories or clothing suitabale for water sports? Go to our store product pages we have something for everyone.

The Swim Experience Team.


Our Philosophy

“Everybody counts or nobody counts”

Each and every client, regardless of talent or ability, is the most important person in the pool.  Whether taking a private lesson or participating in a small group session every swimmer will feel connected to their coach and receive the best, most professional instruction possible.


Swim Experience, Inc. founder Stephanie Barnes has put years of learning and hard work into creating not just a swimming company, but rather a swimming family, that includes hundreds of swimmers, parents and, most importantly, AMAZING COACHES to lead the way. Please meet the Swim Experience Coaching Staff.

Location - TMI

TMI: The Episcopal School of Texas is the home to all things Swim Experience, Inc.  The beautiful five acres campus includes The Frost Athletic Center, which houses its own 25 meter pool with stadium seating and locker rooms; state of the art starting blocks and anti-wave lane lines.

If you are interested in learning more about TMI and it’s amazing history and future opportunities please go to www.tmi-sa.org

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